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Limousin Region
Limousin Region
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Limousin Region
The Limousin region is a largely undiscovered part of France of stunning natural beauty, rich with history and tradition, charming chateaux and ancient churches. It gets its name from the Lemorices, the large tribe of people who lived here at the time of the Gauls.

Known as the French Lake District, the verdant countryside filled with valleys, ravines and forests provides everything for the nature enthusiast and the lakes and rivers are not only beautiful, but also mean there is lots to do for those who enjoy walking, riding and water sports. Golf is also popular here. For those who enjoy city life, there is Limoges, a great city with plenty going on and lots to see. There are many picturesque villages and towns to explore, including some of the most beautiful in France. There is a strong agricultural tradition and a real feeling of community, which extends to the warm welcome visitors receive. The entire region has experienced much conflict throughout the ages, and has always had a tradition of resistance, from Roman times right up until the area excelled as a Resistance stronghold during World War II. The local mythology includes saints, sorcerers, alchemists and werewolves, there is even a witchcraft museum. In truth, there is something magical about the area, and visitors will experience a freedom in the countryside that is exhilarating.

There are many pretty medieval towns and villages to explore in the region (only a few are listed on this website) and the charm of seeing corbelled towers, keep doors and niches for saints that have been there for hundreds of years never loses its appeal.

People in Limousin are proud of the fantastic food produced here, especially the beef, pork and lamb, and believe in good farming methods. There are also excellent river fish to enjoy (especially if you've caught them yourself!). Many regional specialities use the wide variety of mushrooms common here, as well as chestnuts, walnuts and fruit. The liqueurs made from pears, prunes, chestnuts and walnuts are strong and delicious. Puddings are mouth-watering, and clafoutis with its creaminess and contrasting tartness of the cherries really is very good. Treipaïs is the pudding for the chocolate lover, made with chocolate and chestnuts, on a biscuity sort of base, traditionally made in a triangular shape.

In Limousin, you won't encounter the usual tourist crowds found in other regions, but you will enjoy yourself far more and see a glimpse of the "real" France.

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